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Together, co-founders T.C. Whittaker and Jonathan Womack–C.P.A.’s by trade and serial entrepreneurs by choice–have logged more than 30,000 auditing hours and verified 25,000 transactions but their most impressive stat is their 20 years of friendship and mentorship. They are channeling their experience into Audit Sight, and are laser-focused on solving a need they experienced first-hand: a chance to improve the daily lives of auditors, diligence and private equity providers by removing manual work, and ultimately creating greater transparency, truth and trust in our world economies and capital markets.

T.C. Whittaker


Portrait of T.C. Whittaker, Co-Founder and CEO of Audit Sight

T.C.’s path to Audit Sight was far from linear, but was held together by his fascination with the many moving parts of a business and how people made money. This inspired a young T.C. to pick his dad’s friends’ brains endlessly, and later resurfaced during his early auditing days at PwC, which gave him an inside seat to how private companies operated, from the NFL to large manufacturing companies. As the auditing world began to wear on him, he headed to business school at Duke University, where he was often found in the front of the classroom in deep discussions with his professors. A stint at J.P. Morgan in New York to dive into capital markets was his final stop before T.C. moved into the world of building and running his own companies–from trucking and private equity to cremation and real estate development– and he’s never looked back since. Yet Audit Sight is far more personal for him and the thing that keeps him “giddy like Christmas morning”: a chance to solve a real problem that makes lives and capital markets better.

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Jonathan Womack


Portrait of Jonathan Womack, Co-Founder and COO of Audit Sight

For eight years, Jonathan audited privately-held companies at PwC that ranged in revenue from $75 million to $27 billion, and helped three clients go public. Driven by his love to build things from scratch and interest in how technology can make a significant impact in accounting, Jonathan left his auditing role to co-found InsightsOfficer, COO, at PwC, where his entrepreneur journey began. Wired for efficiency, Jonathan thrives when he can roll up his sleeves and get to work, whether cold calling customers, building a pricing calculator or teaching Software Engineers the basics of Accounting and Auditing. At Audit Sight, his days are shaped by his white board, where he writes the top three things he aims to accomplish or problems to solve. Always on his list: Never lose sight of the pain of his 25-year-old auditor self and ways to make his life easier, and ultimately, eliminate fraud to build trust in our capital markets.

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Eric Kingery

Technical Co-Founder & CTO

Portrait of T.C. Whittaker, Co-Founder and CEO of Audit Sight

Eric’s computer programming journey began alongside his father on their Commodore 64 computer during elementary school, hooked early on by the notion of creating something that didn’t yet exist. Today, he is fueled to keep building–from bettering communities to bringing technology to the auditing and accounting domain to solve longtime pain points and ultimately, create greater trust in our capital markets. He founded Refactor:: Chicago, a network for professionals to learn through shared ideas and technology and is often found volunteering at conferences, in classrooms and online. His time spent behind a computer is balanced with his time spent outdoors in his yard, where he’s working to restore over 100 plant species that once inhabited the landscape more than 150 years ago, while also tackling habitat restoration on a larger scale with the nonprofit Friends of Nachusa Grasslands to help restore the once biologically diverse 4,000+ acre preserve. Eric caught the “startup bug” shortly after college, and throughout 20-plus years of software development, he has served as the CTO of Wellspring Worldwide, VP of Engineering for Public Good Software and Director of Technology for Sittercity. Building on his prior AI/machine learning experience and his self-professed enjoyment of tax season, he is eager to use technology to solve the unique data processing and analysis challenges at hand through Audit Sight. His days are spent between active development, research and development for future prototypes and security and compliance, where he is energized by the opportunity to apply technology to the world of auditing.

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Team Audit Sight

Our team of CPAs, designers, engineers and strategic advisors continues to fuel Audit Sight. Rooted in the values of effort, attitude, communication and location, our team believes in the work to simplify financial verification and reclaim time lost.

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Group photo of T.C. Whittaker and Jonathan Womack

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