Come work on a problem that matters.
We are eliminating fraud.

At Audit Sight our mission is to provide transparency, trust & truth within the world's economies & capital markets.
We accomplish our mission by programmatically verifying accounting records to third party data sources.

Domain Experts + Season Founders

The co-founders of Audit Sight (TC and Jonathan) have over a decade of experience in accounting and have already founded a successful accounting SaaS application.

Work on building something new

Tired of managing legacy code and fixing other people's technical debt? Everything we work on here at Audit Sight is new. Come build our application from scratch.

Our problem matters to the entire world

Fraud is destructive. It ruins people lives. Families are broken, retirement accounts are wiped out, people go to jail. Be a part of the end of Fraud in financial reporting.

Our Values

These pillars are the foundation of our culture and permeate everything we do.

Open Positions

Are you intrigued but unsure if the open opportunities are the right fit for you? Please apply anyway! We will be growing more rapidly in the next 3-6 months. Audit Sight is a remote-first organization that will likely offer flexible office space in Chicago and Atlanta as we grow.

At Audit Sight, we welcome people of different races, religions, colors, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, political viewpoints, and countless other characteristics. We value candidates with non-traditional backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We don’t do this because it’s the law or there is a business case for it. We do it to honor our humanity and yours.