How to Connect with Audit Sight

Explore Audit Sight’s capabilities and your firm can be up and running in 24 hours with minimal set up–the first step to reclaiming your time and saving money.

Businessman looking down at a tablet in his hand. Two infographic bubbles in front of him displaying two messages: "New account created" and "New engagement created"

Pricing Made Easy

Per Client Per Module Pricing, plus:

  • Unlimited users from your firm and target companies can access the tool
  • An Audit Sight Customer Service Team Member is assigned to your account for training and onboarding

Set Up Your Firm

  • Create your firm profile and add your team members
  • Create your client engagements
  • Invite your clients
Business woman with infographic in front of her of form with input fields called "Invite Contact"

Invite Clients to Connect

  • Your client will receive a secure email inviting them to join Audit Sight
  • After typing in their log-in credentials, they will connect their accounts to Audit Sight
  • From there, Audit Sight will perform the Test of Details and prepare the workpaper
Businessman holding a pen looking at a laptop screen