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Reclaim your time
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Audit Sight is a leading technology platform that eliminates manual work for auditors, diligence and private equity providers by automating financial transaction verification.

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Your Experience

Eliminates manual work by automating:

  • External confirmations using your templates
  • Substantive analytics over revenue and expenses
  • Journal entry testing
  • Vouching invoices to bank deposits
  • Verifying bank balances
  • PDF bank statement conversions
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Audit Sight Edge

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Increased Profitability

Experience a 75% reduction in audit hours and a 40% reduction in audit budget on average.

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Hours spent on data entry can now turn into new growth opportunities for your employees.

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Remove the back-and-forth spent on PBC requests and questions with clients and use the time to invest in adding meaningful value.

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Better accuracy against fraud

Through digital technology, you can reduce human error and more accurately detect fraud.

Who We Serve

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Auditing Firms

Automate the Tests of Details within your audit process.

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Diligence Providers

Learn how we automate data book preparation and complete cash proof testing.

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Private Equity Providers & VC

Accelerate the pre-diligence process by verifying the underlying accounting data.

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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

"Audit Sight was incredibly user friendly for my team and clients, who took only minutes to connect. We were weeks ahead of the prior year after only a single day of field work.”
- Audit Manager
"Last year, I spent hours completing Word docs and signing papers with zero insights to show. Audit Sight delivered the easiest A/R confirmation process I’ve experienced with the click of three buttons and the results have been invaluable! The real-time insight into the status of the confirmations is a significant improvement to the process.”
- Controller Audit Client
"This technology is a game changer for audit quality. The workflows, combined with the documented workpapers and certificates of approval, meet GAAS requirements for audit procedures and the reperformance standards.”
- Audit Methodology Partner Top 50 Firm
"We eliminated over 40 hours from the audit budget, increased realization by 8 points and improved overall audit quality by using Audit Sight’s platform. This is a win-win for our clients, our staff and the firm and will be a great asset for future clients.”
- Audit Partner

Upload or Connect and Audit Sight Does the Work

Our platform allows for your team to upload normal PBC requests or seamlessly connects to leading ledger tools used by your clients daily, along with more than 11,000 bank institutions across the U.S., and meets SOC 2 compliance standards.

2023 AICPA and CPA.com Startup Accelerator

Audit Sight has been selected to the 2023 AICAP and CPA.com Accelerator. Find out more how we are working to change auditing.

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