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Welcome to the future
of verifying financial transactions.

Audit Sight is the essential tool for auditors and lenders in the modern era. Our secure digital platform puts the future of testing and transaction verification at your fingertips.

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Our integrations provide you a competitive advantage.

With our secure view-only integrations, you can instantly access your client's banking and accounting data, eliminating countless PBCs.

Audit Sight fits perfectly into your life. Transforming your client's experience and improving engagement performance.

Eliminate PBC requests, eliminate hours in your engagement and increase your client’s experience. Audit Sight automates the testing of your client’s underlying details via computer assisted auditing techniques so your staff can focus on adding value to your clients and stop keying data into spreadsheets.

Eliminate PBC requests

No more endless audit requests resulting in back and forth with your clients. Once your client connects their accounts, Audit Sight digitally gathers your client’s bank, credit card and accounting data needed to perform the audit tests.

Increase engagement profitability

Audit Sight eliminates the need to manually perform tests of details and reduces the elapsed time between client requests.  All of this results in improved engagement profitability for you and your firm.

Improve your client's experience

Your clients are demanding more from you and your firm. Decreased audit fees, tighter deadlines, less disruption to their business, and the list goes on. Audit Sight let’s your clients seamlessly and securely connect their accounts and then get back to business. It’s that simple.

Getting your firm started

Your firm can be up and running in only a few minutes.
It is as simple as 1,2,3.


Create your firm profile and add your team members.


Create your client engagements.


Invite your clients.

Getting your clients started

Onboarding is easy, fast and secure.


Your client receives a secure email inviting them
to Audit Sight.


Your client inputs their login credentials and their accounts are connected.


Your client’s work is done. Audit Sight performs the test of details and prepares the workpapers.

Now that Audit Sight is connected

Access the data, perform the test, return the results.

Live data connections

We automatically connect to Quickbooks Online and over 11k financial institutions to access both accounting and source data.

Audit Sight performs the test

Using the accounting data and the source data (i.e. bank records) we match transactions to ensure they are complete and accurate.

Workpaper generated for your review

Once the testing is complete our application generates a workpaper highlighting the results and any exceptions ready for your audit files.

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