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fast & secure.

Audit Sight is a secure platform where CPAs can send and receive account confirmations. The best part is its free for your business.

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Complete confirmations in seconds through Audit Sight's secure application. Simply sign the confirmation electronically and get back to business.


All confirmations contain an electronic signature from an authorized 3rd party. Allowing you to check the signature and approval before completing the confimation.


Audit Sight is built on a foundation of security. We utilize proven and tested security practices and enable them with best in class technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a confirmation?

When a CPA is examining the accounting records of a company as part of an audit, a primary technique for verifying the existence of accounts receivable is to confirm those balances with the company under audit’s customers.


Why did I recieve this email?

During your vendor’s audit, your account was selected by the CPA for confirmation. The company under audit then authorized the auditors to reach out to you.


How do I complete the confirmation?

Click the link you received in your email to begin the secure login process. Completing the confirmation will only take a minute.


Why should I complete the confirmation?

Confirmations are an important procedure performed by the CPA as part of the audit. By completing the confirmation you are confirming your records and your vendor's records are aligned.


Do I still complete the confirmation if I have paid the invoice?

Yes. Confirmations are done based on a point in time in the past. This is often the last day of the year. By completing the confirmation, you are telling the auditor the invoice was legitimate as of that date. It does not mean that you still owe the invoice.

Never fill out a paper confirmation again.

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