Audit Sight Case Study

The Key Tool for Auditing Non Profits.

Audit Sight eliminated 20 hours, completed 17 PBC requests, and validated 100% of donations on the initial day of fieldwork for the 6/30/2022 AICPA Non-Profit Audit. Discover how this tool can significantly enhance efficiency for your audit this summer.

Woman looking down at a laptop with an infographic showing "Accounts Verified" and different amount transactions

Engagement Background

This audit could have been a nightmare but instead was a breeze.

  • First year, AICPA Audit Non Profit in Texas
  • Brand new audit manager with one staff.
  • Client's accounting was done by an operational leader (not a CPA).

What happened:

  • Friday before field work, the client connected the company's Quickbooks File and Bank Accounts.
  • Audit Sight used its view only data connections to gather the accounting data and third party banking data.
  • Cash Testing - Audit Sight verified the bank balance and compared it to the book balance, and tested the bank reconciliations.
  • Donation Testing - Audit Sight analyzed 100% of the revenue entries, verified all donations back to cash and identified 3 recurring manual entries for testing.

The Results

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Fully Completed workpaper

The team received GAAS compliant Revenue and Cash work papers.

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6 Bank Accounts Verified and 1,893 donations instantly verified.

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Client Satisfication

Client was impressed by how fast the team completing their testing.

Here is what the team had to say:

"I was really nervous about the Audit. Your first time at a client can be a nightmare. With Audit Sight, I was able to instantly carve out the normal transactions and isolate the handful of transactions that really needed to be tested. This allowed me to fill my Audit Bucket up fast and limit my testing to large pledge receivables and restricted funds."
Infographic titled "How It Works" of Audit Sight's process.

How Audit Sight can help you now?

  • Connect to your clients accounting system and banks, including QuickBooks and Sage Intacct.
  • Verify 100% of donations and year end bank balances.
  • Reduce your audit budget and time to complete testing.
Photo of a woman smiling at a laptop screen with an infographic  overlayed showing invoices verified and different dollar amounts